June 19th, 2006


parallel universes

I set up my tent yesterday, left it up to air out a bit, and just put it away tonight. Heeeee... I'll be living out of it five weeks from now, although I hope I don't think of it that way, but rather think of it as the place where I sleep and keep my stuff. I do not believe this tent has yet been on any adventures past my own backyard. This thought yesterday made me revel at the fact that I'm a grown up now and am free to travel by myself. I might have left the tent out longer if it didn't make my apartment hard to navigate (fire hazard!). I don't know what possessed me to collect camping gear in the sixth grade or so, but it's like I can finally fulfill that part of myself.

I love getting The Science Channel... yesterday I watched a special on parallel universes, which really turned into a special on unified theories of physics. The final portion was about M Theory, which I'd never heard about before, and which is quite a mind-stretching idea. There are an infinite number of 11-dimensional membranes, and each membrane contains its own universe, where the vibrations of the membrane generate matter and energy and laws of physics, and the Big Bang is what happened when two membranes collided... whoa.

And speaking of parallel universes, I was talking to Dan on the phone last night and he was trying to convince me to get a MySpace account without being able to explain what was so great about it. I thought I was the internet junkie.

I think my Curves membership expires on Wednesday. I actually went today for the first time in several weeks. I'll probably be lazy and take my shoes home tomorrow, never show up again, and check to make sure they aren't still debiting my bank account. The non-lazy approach in this situation is to confirm with one of the ladies that my membership is expiring, and perhaps ask if it's possible to extend my membership just another month.

Hrm, I do go in waves of public and restricted posts here... oh well. Any stalker who reads this and figures out where I'll be five weeks from now would probably be in for a nasty surprise if they tried to come after me there. ;) Not that I'm worth stalking.