July 20th, 2006

batik talon

Scarce posting ahead, arr!

On the road!

Am turning in my cable equipment tomorrow, will be away from internet entirely for two weeks and without a permanent residence for about a month and a half :-D

Dad and Justin are here, boxes are everywhere, but things are pretty chill.

July 23-29: Communing with nature in Southern New Jersey. No internet, will check my cell phone once a day or so until the battery dies.
July 29-August 5: Vacation in the Adirondacks with my family. No internet, will probably have my cell phone on most of the time.

Then I'll be back in home-sweet-South Berwick for a couple weeks before driving entirely across the country for school.

Things are wrapping up at work and I'm getting slightly nostalgic saying good-bye to people. Tomorrow at lunch they're putting on some sort of send-off party for me. I think I heard something this morning about liquid nitrogen ice cream. And Alli should be stopping by :)
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