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Dragoness in Transition

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January 26th, 2007

09:40 am - that didn't help... yet I'm amused and pissed
Went for a doughnut and some fruit with the GSA. I was being slightly antisocial, but then I get into a conversation with a guy next to me. Kind of dull. He tells me about a ski trip they had, then he asked me if I ski and I said no. He tells me this isn't surprising because I'm from New England and it's all flat there and he bets hardly any one skis. I replied that actually we have a lot of ski mountains and just about everyone skis. Then he replies "Yeah, but not like the Rockies." Fuck you, dude! How far away are we from the fuckin' Rockies? Probably a plane ride. We're in the Central Valley, which is much, much flatter than New England. I was done with the conversation after that and now I'm stopping in the computer lab to write this (hey, I am using a Mac and not hogging a PC) before actually doing work.

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