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Dragoness in Transition

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January 27th, 2007

10:01 am - The one objective truth
Yesterday in class we learned about some alternative violations of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. For example, what was once thought to be inexplicably high mutation rates in certain populations is now theorized to be transdimensional migration.

I really love being a genetics student, because so much of what I learn is immediately applicable to my life. When that purple groundhog attacked me this morning, I knew exactly which restriction enzyme to apply to make it spontaneously combust. I'm applying for grant money to develop an RNAi treatment for people who suffer this weird psychiatric disorder where they not only believe they have a soul, which is preposterous to begin with, but also that this "soul" might take a shape different from the body. My experiments with the vivisection of puppies were loads of fun at first, but I'm starting to get bored and want to pick another topic for my thesis.

Additionally, Happy Rabbit Hole Day, everyone!

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