February 18th, 2007

batik talon

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I'm getting rather tempted to do what my brother did when he wanted a "new" computer - buy a second hard drive, back everything up, then wipe his hard drive and install everything from scratch. I've got two and a half years of accumulated errors now, and Norton System Works doesn't really live up to its name. My computer consistently crashes on shut down if it's been on for more than a few hours, and this morning it crashed on start up. (My iMac started doing that after less than two years, so Dell>Mac still.) And often I hear the fan kick in like the CPU is really working, when the computer is just sitting there or just doing something simple. Maybe I'll wait until spring break in case I screw up.

Friday's exciting moment was the squirrel with a broken jaw that Shelby befriended with bread. Poor thing was pretty freaky looking. It must live on handouts, because I don't think it could handle acorns.

Yesterday was gorgeous so I took a walk downtown. I found some pants on clearance at Gap which were exactly what I like - very lightweight cotton with a baggy feel and casual outdoorsy look. Then I went and let someone fit me for walking shoes because I really need new sneakers. I bought shoes that were a lot pricier than what I was aiming for, so I think I will have to wear them a bit inside and see if I want to keep them.

Am questioning how much I want to expose the hairy legs here - don't really know what people will think. I guess it's because I'm still working up to my quirky and free-spirited image here. In that context the hairy legs would make sense to people, I think. But if anyone still thinks I'm shy and dull at all, the hairy legs will probably just be taken as laziness about my appearance.