March 26th, 2007

dragon symbol


Last night I went to see Reign over Me with Cara. I liked it; it had enough humor to make up for being a drama movie. On the way home we talked about how it seems too soon to make a movie with 9-11 references.

I also realized last night that one of my discussion sections ends at the same time my concert starts. Fuckfuckfuck. It's not too far away, but by the time I got there and got set up I think I'd have missed half of it, because we're only playing six songs. This is made even worse by the fact that I have several people coming to see me, but the major thing is that I've made a commitment to the group and gone to all the rehearsals and stuff, and am the only one on 1st trombone. I emailed to see if I could trade sections for one week with one of the other TAs. One of them can't do it (but at least let me know that this is common practice, phew) and I'm waiting on the other one. This is just eating me inside out. I arranged my TA schedule around rehearsal but not around the concert.