May 29th, 2007

dragon symbol


Last night the bathroom light didn't seem to be working. I decided that none of my bedroom lamps would be worth bringing into the bathroom, considered just showering in the morning, then realized I could bring a candle in. I showered by candlelight and it was awesome. I was quite pleased with myself for turning an inconvenience into something novel and fun. There's one of the big secrets to happiness.

Wednesday: Saw and heard the University Concert Band playing out on the quad. They're good but not so good that I wouldn't have a shot at getting in. I expected them to be out of my league, given the size of the university. I'd feel bad abandoning the community band, though, plus the community band fits better with my schedule.

Friday: Cara was walking Lilly, and a couple pit bulls busted out the front door of a house and one of them bit Lilly on the leg! Lilly is fine, but honestly, who needs to own attack dogs in a town as safe as Davis? It's gotta either be a drug dealer, or one of those personalities who drives a big truck and blasts music from it to advertise his abnormally small penis size. After much contemplation, Cara contacted the authorities about it.

Things are getting more and more confusing with the house we're going to rent, but I think we're signing the lease tomorrow...