September 11th, 2007

batik talon

uh huh

Yes, it is Tuesday. Such things happen after six years containing one leap year. Do the patriotic thing and happily go about your business as usual. That's not sarcasm either...

Russian Christmas Music

Did we play Alfred Reed's Russian Christmas Music at the Russian concert in 2001?? (Who am I asking this of... Dartmouth Wind Symphony folk- boo__boo, kmousie) We read Christmas music tonight at band (which is squee all by itself. We also did the Nutcracker Suite). I recognized the name of the piece and knew it was a "classic" concert band piece that I'd played before, and once we played it I remembered the music. The whole thing was familiar, start to finish, so whatever I played before wasn't a watered-down arrangement. The setting that I'm imagining I played it in is the Southern Maine Music Festival, but I'm quite amazed if a piece of music that I rehearsed for two days approximately a decade ago stuck with me that strongly. It is, however, quite a gorgeous piece.