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Dragoness in Transition

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November 13th, 2007

06:12 pm - unisex bathrooms
It is some sort of transgender awareness week at school. There were signs up today about the need for unisex bathrooms (the one that caused my attention was a "Men's Elevator" sign in my building) because transgendered people have to worry about harassment whether they go into the Men's or Women's room. I think that's a good idea, but it would not be good for all restrooms to be unisex, because there are probably more people who would feel uncomfortable sharing a restroom with the opposite sex than there are transgendered people. Maybe have unisex bathrooms peppered about, with signs to direct people to them? But which one-sex-only bathrooms do you convert to unisex? Hmm, or with any luck if this becomes more of a movement, new buildings will have some small extra bathrooms built in to be used as unisex. Or maybe people could learn to chill out and not give transgendered people a hard time.

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