April 21st, 2008


Another morning ride of note

I think someone threw something at me today. There was a car that took a right turn very close behind me as I was continuing straight. I heard a "ding" on the pavement right under me, and looked and saw an arm raised up out of the side of the car. It was four guys in an old black car with a white top.

Either that or I have some residual paranoia from childhood and think on some level that people must hate me just for the way I look.

I gotta get ready for lab meeting in three hours. And I forgot to bring my book for the Language of God discussion tonight. Maybe it will be an excuse to get some extra exercise to go home and get it.

Had a couple interesting dreams this morning. There was a stressful but remarkably coherent one in which I was giving a 12-minute chalk talk on my research. Then my alarm went off. I fell asleep again, and dreamed about that horribly icy road that our cabin was on in Yosemite. I was sledding on it... that was very sweet, at least.