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Dragoness in Transition

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May 31st, 2008

04:13 pm - Fetus Coin Purse (knitting)

'Cause at least a few people who read this will be amused.

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10:11 pm - prepping yarn for rainbow stripes
I was feeling the need for some yarn therapy after another long and somewhat disappointing day in the field. Buying, or dyeing, or casting on... didn't do any of those, but spent a bunch of time on Ravelry building my queue (with projects that will use my stash!), which was like virtual yarn therapy. I knit a couple more rows on the socks that I want to be done with. And I got some yarn ready for the dyeing party that I'm going to have next weekend.

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And here are a couple photos from my two most recent expeditions:
different part of Yuba River Bidwell Park 2

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