June 8th, 2008

batik talon

Neural Crest

Um... I knit all of the grey part (in my head I'm calling the color "necrotic") today. All of the increases were agonizing with the fluffy pink yarn, but the grey yarn is more manageable and all the shaping is a lot of fun.

Also volunteered tonight for a dinner and auction to benefit an advocacy group for foster children. Made sure pitchers were full of water, cleared plates when people were finished, cleared tables as they were leaving. Simple and productive, satisfying like playing Diablo. I would like to make the world a better place through my research/career, but that could take a while to pan out, so volunteer work relieves some of that anxiety.

Haha, maybe someday I'll be rich enough to go to a charity auction. The amount of money that people will spend on a whim boggled my mind. Even dessert was an auction, and the table with the highest bid (which was upwards of $400) got first choice of which dessert they got, and so on. There were also trips to Bali and Africa... hey, I'd totally go for that, if I had the cash.

I had some impulse buys in the craft section of Wal*mart today, but those cost me more like $6. Got an amethyst pendant and some colorful hemp. Spent enough time picking out the amethyst that I was in a slightly altered state when I got up.
dragon symbol

Easter egg dye

Jen came over and we used Easter egg dye to dye yarn. I made my rainbow stripes and she did some stuff with blue, purple, and green.

Doesn't seem to be as dark now that it's dry. Still will be good for gloves with all different colored fingers.

I dye yarn rainbow colors on a day when I'm wearing a black shirt and olive drab shorts, displaying my 4-years-unshaven legs. I like guys, I swear.

(Link to post about winding the yarn)