October 17th, 2008

batik talon

sleep is for the weak.

My trip yesterday was long but tolerable. I had a layover in Las Vegas. The airport there is filled with what appear to be machines for training monkeys to push buttons and pull levers. I watched a couple people just repeatedly push the button to spin the slots, with absolutely no pause or show of emotion regarding the result. I found myself asking for love and patience and I felt much better.

My rental car has a normal automatic mode, and a different one where you have to change gears manually (but without using a clutch or any of that). I accidentally put it in manual mode at the beginning of my drive, and spent an hour and a half driving like that because I thought it was just how the car was. I learned about what gears to use at what speeds... challenging but interesting.

I got to my motel and boo__boo called me after midnight just as I was falling asleep, apparently to inform me that the band was small this year. We hung up, but then I was wide awake 20 minutes later so I called back and we chatted more.

I woke up this morning after 7 hours of sleep. The night before I had less than 4 hours of sleep, so I thought I would sleep really late, but nope. I knew that Baker Tower was just sitting there waiting for me to gaze upon it, and the whole campus was just sitting there waiting for me to idly wander it as I had planned. That, and I knew the free motel breakfast was only available until 10. Then through the curtains I caught a glimpse of the fall foliage, which I hadn't been able to see last night in the dark, and that was it, I got out of bed.

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