November 3rd, 2008


At my most bad-ass I make people want to go take a shower.

So, for a number of years I haven't been one to obsess over any form of entertainment, and I have to admit that I look down upon a lot of the excessive fandom that I see. But because I'm not around a lot of geeks out here in CA, as I have been in every previous stage of my life, I'd only heard of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and didn't know what it was. From the title it sounds like some nonsensical off-the-wall sort of thing. Then on Thursday, a high school friend posted a link to it on Facebook, and I watched it that night. Then I think I watched it once more on Saturday, and three times on Sunday. I love it, I love it all for itself, I love it for the fact that awesome creative talent more than made up for the low budget, and hey, I'm a sucker for hot guys too, and Neil Patrick Harris is really cute.

The result of watching it ~5 times in a short time period was that I had it stuck in my head all day today, but at least I knew most of the words at that point, so I wasn't stuck with one line going through my head over and over again.

This got really interesting when I went into the Coffee House to get some breakfast after our 8AM weed science meeting. I got this sudden bizarre sense that I was inside a musical. I think it was that I was doing something mundane while upbeat music played over the speakers, so it felt kind of like "My Freeze Ray." This could be a sign of Horrible overdose.

If my day today were being made into a comedic musical, the weed science meeting would be summarized in the lines:
We need to fix the lights in the bathroom. It's scary to poop there!

Did you know that someone who's totally not me made a Wikipedia page on me? It used to say I was ga-ay! My wife is shocked.
Those are sort of fitting in with "So They Say."