May 9th, 2009


Terminology that isn't taught in the schools any more

On this extra credit assignment the students were told to draw a pedigree, numbering generations with Roman numerals and individuals with Arabic numbers. One student came to office hours to confirm what was meant by Arabic numbers, and near the top of the pile of assignments that I'm grading I've already found one numbered "١,٢,٣..." and not by someone with an Arabic name either, so they probably had to put in a little extra effort to find these "Arabic numbers."

Harold and Kumar Go to Outer Space

I just saw Star Trek, and it was really, really fun and also satisfied the 12-year-old Trekkie in me. (In my previous post in response to the trailer for this movie, didn't I ask if there would be reference to Captain Pike? Yah he was in it.) It had many more funny moments and a different style of humor than is typical of Star Trek, but in a good way. Collapse )

Also, I might just have to start using "wicked" as an adverb again. I never would have imagined that my home state of Maine would be the fifth to legalize gay marriage (and while it is illegal in California, no less!). When I was in high school, no one was out of the closet, people were a little homophobic, and I didn't know what to think of gays because I didn't know any (or so I thought). It wasn't until I went to college and had openly LBG friends that I learned that they are, you know, normal people who are just attracted to the same sex. Yay, proud.

I took a long bike ride today to go do some pollinating, and on the way back I stopped at Burger King because an ICEE and fries sounded really good. Then I realized that I could get the Star Trek glasses, and, again, happy in the pants. My precious $7 set of four glasses will be staying in the boxes in my room instead of going into circulation in the kitchen.