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Dragoness in Transition

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October 4th, 2009

07:49 pm - bad frozen food
Ugggh... I didn't want to cook tonight because I've had a headache and fatigue all day, so I went to Safeway and picked up some of these "Tai Pei" frozen Asian meals that I hadn't tried before. I'm eating the General Tso's Chicken and it tastes like my worst ever attempt at stir fry, watery and too sweet with limp vegetables. I just looked on the ingredients list and found that it has Splenda in it, which is probably the biggest reason why it tastes so disgusting to me! The top of the box advertises that it is low in fat and cholesterol, but it doesn't say anything about being low carb, so I didn't look to check for artificial sweetener before I bought it. All artificial sweeteners taste pretty disgusting to me.


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