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October 27th, 2009

02:42 pm - America's future
The prof in the class I'm TAing gave a pop quiz today in lecture. I graded 108 quizzes, about half of the stack. The class size is a little under 300, so this means that slightly over 2/3 of the class showed up to lecture (and felt that it was worth handing their quiz in to us).

40 out of my 108 students got the question right. The pop quiz had four different forms, all with different answers, but the professor did not announce this. Four students got the right answer for a form other than their own, so I presume that they were cheating off of someone who got it right.

So for a quiz worth 1.2% of their grade, 9% of students are willing to cheat if they don't think they will get caught.

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