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Dragoness in Transition

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July 26th, 2010

06:21 pm - marshicken
I had this idea while camping during my vacation, and I just remembered it today and better write it down.

Gigantic marshmallow that can be cooked on a spit. Better yet, giant animal carcass-shaped marshmallow with graham cracker bones and chocolate organs/stuffing.

I think I would find a recipe for graham crackers, then make a aluminum foil support to bake the dough in the shape of a cartoon chicken skeleton. I would also whip up marshmallow from a recipe, and divide it in half. Half of it would get mixed with broken up chocolate bars (Hershey's, of course, the chocolate that is wonderful on s'mores but useless for anything else unless you like the taste of wax) and used to fill the skeleton and make an inner wrapping for the legs and wings. Then I'd rub corn starch out on a flat surface and pat the other half of the marshmallow mixture flat onto that, maybe 3/4" thick. That would be the "muscle and skin" that I'd wrap the rest of the bird with. Then you turn it on a spit over coals, and the "skin" gets all crispy while the rest turns into a giant s'more mixture.

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