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Dragoness in Transition

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August 10th, 2010

10:48 am - Why I'm not involved in Tom Brown's Tracker School any more...
So I still get the emails, because apparently they're being forwarded to my Gmail from my Dartmouth account, thus making the "Unsubscribe" link useless. Here's what I got today:

email textCollapse )

Important message for all of humanity to hear, so yup, in these days of the information revolution, that'll cost ya $18 for the mp3 or $23 for the audio CD. (If you want to take a class in person, it's close to $1000 for one of the week-long classes... I mean, not too bad seeing as I can get a week-long class in bioinformatics for $900, but if you claim to be doing this to save humanity, come on...)

Charismatic speaker + prophecies of the apocalypse with only his followers surviving + you have to pay money to hear this important message = cult!

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