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Last night, wow. For the past six months I have not had any guests in my apartment besides my parents and Dan. Last night for about a half hour I had twenty or so people in my apartment, about half of whom I knew. I felt like a wallflower at my own party, because it was really hard to move around and also really hard to hear. But I got lots of complements on the place, as well as on the kettle corn that I made. A grad student brought stuff to make wine coolers in my place seeing as I wasn't mixing a drink. I put out a couple non-alcoholic alternatives out but I was the only one who partook of those. One was iced tea which I'd gotten going earlier in the day (why waste the energy of heating the water and cooling it again when you can just leave tea bags in water for six hours or so?). Seltzer water had been provided for the stop, so I also put out the kahlua and chocolate syrups that Dan had given me, and cream. I made myself a chocolate cream soda. It was okay but I can really taste the Splenda in the syrup. I have no idea why Dan got me sugar free.

So my place was the second out of five stops in an Alternative Tour of Homes, in which the whole group walks from place to place and gets a drink at each. The first was with a couple people I knew relatively well, and it wasn't too wild yet so that was nice. They had some sort of lemonade-iced tea-vodka thing going, but also had cranberry juice and seltzer, which made a very nice drink for me. Things were getting slightly wilder at the third stop. I think there was rum and coke, and I didn't look for something non-alcholic because I'd just had to take a big piss and figured I didn't need to drink anything for a little bit. The host at this stop was this big ex-football player guy, who proceeded over the course of the night to make himself the most hammered person in the group. Then to get to the fourth stop we had to go down one street and back up another, and I heard someone else mention getting his car and I decided that would be a great idea seeing as I was more than halfway back to my apartment anyways. I also took the opportunity to close up the windows in my apartment and grab some things that people had left behind. I drove to stop #5 and walked back to stop #4 while being a cell phone whore and talking to Dad and to Dan. I thought I'd entirely missed stop #4 by that point, but I guess there was an impromptu stop #3.5 that I'd missed instead.

Stop #4 lasted a couple hours and really got wild because people were drunk to the point of doing all sorts of things I'm sure they're embarassed about today. The drinks at least looked interesting, haha- watermelon blended with alcohol and dumped back into the watermelon rinds, as well as pineapple mashed up with rum, and put back into a hollowed out pineapple with a mate straw. (Mate is that Argentinian drink with its own special cup.) The pineapple was passed around, and from people's reactions to taking a sip it seemed to be crazy strong. There weren't any non-alcholic drink options, but I got to eat some watermelon slices so I can't complain too much. I also get kind of distracted and overwhelmed in loud situations like that, but I was able to socialize with at least a few people. There was some dancing, and that I at least knew how to do :D I must seem like some sort of idiot savant at parties, being so antisocial when people are just talking, and then getting right into it when the dancing starts. But you all know from how much I rave about band how much the music moves me. There were also several points that night at which I semi-meditatively put my focus into my body so that I'd be more self-aware (and look like less of a dork). That got trippy when I was dancing, especially when I could feel myself puntuating my movements to a sixteenth-note beat.

Ah, I would have had a better time if I could have brought Dan with me, but I still had a good time.

Eventually we made it to stop #5. There was more dancing, and football-guy was dancing in a way that scared the shit out of me. There was sangria (red wine, juice, fruit, and whatever alcohol is left over) and I saw some gingerale but it disappeared quickly, and a search in the kitchen only yielded beer. I was also tired as hell, so I decided to take advantage of the fact that the kitchen led out of the house, and walked back to my car to drive home.

I don't know if it's worth casually mentioning that I was disappointed with the lack of interesting non-alcoholic options at the last couple stops. I was, after all, the only dry person there. I was just expecting that some people would want to take a break from the alcohol at some point and have something else to drink. Also, despite how much fun the tipsy and drunk people were having, I still have no inclination to drink. I think vile is the best word to describe my impression of alcohol, and the fun does not seem to be worth everything else. Still, I don't judge other people for drinking, because I know my personal feelings about alcohol come from my experiences growing up, and have more of an emotional component than a logical component.

I was so tired that it took me a long time to get to bed. Sitting at my computer eating gummi worms and getting myself into the UC Davis network on Facebook was easier than getting ready for bed.

I have to work seven hours this weekend (technically today, but it can be tomorrow and I can pretend it was today) or take some annual leave to make up for all my coming and going from work this week. The problem is that I'm running out of things to do. My main project right now involves running a lot of reactions that take three or four hours, and I need to find things to do in the meantime. I'm just about done writing up all my protocols for my successor or for Amanda. The other big thing I could be doing involves using a machine that I think someone else is using for a more important purpose. And he'll probably be using it this weekend, because he's this crazy Chinese guy who keeps saying how hard he has to work for his country.

I used some of my leftover cream this morning to make chai that tastes better than it does with milk :) And the lemon seltzer is yummy.
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