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Happy 4th!

I was at the station for five and a half hours today, but was only working for three and a half hours of that, so it wasn't so bad. I got in there relatively early too. The other two hours were devoted to cleaning out Blitzmail, talking to Dan (supposedly I'm getting a "poopy puppy" in the mail, but then he was embarrassed to talk about it with his parents around (?)), and spending some high quality time outside. I wandered and found a fabulous pine to lean against and bond with. Then I meditated, which was also good.

Being at work also got me an invite to a small dinner party. That lasted five hours tonight and was quite nice. It was at the house of an emeritus professor guy I know. The house was very cozy: small with wood trim inside; old enough that there were places set aside for servants; full of antiques, knicknacks, and children's artwork; porch overlooking a coniferous backyard with a lawn that was a mix of the grasses and weeds that naturally grew there (a prime place for deer to stop by I am told); outdoor cats. I seriously felt like I was visiting some relative in New England.

Getting ready for my trip... am excited and only slightly nervous because I think I'm just going to be showing up at the designated place and time without confirmation.
Tags: earth_spirituality, outdoors, social_life

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