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I had a dream last night about the big American History project from junior year in high school being due. Mrfle... school, stress... going back to school, eep...

I feel like all of Saturday was devoted to driving back from Toronto. While I was waiting in line for customs I refused to think about how long I'd been there, but after the fact I figured it'd been two and a half hours or so. And then all of yesterday was devoted to a concert for FLSO that was an hour away. At least it was in a pretty-lakeside-rural place. And I dropped off film yesterday, but was dumb and stuck the receipt in the envelope instead of in my purse. But my name's on it and I know what the pictures are, so I should be able to get it back unless some miracle of incompetence happens. But the rest of the day yesterday, morning and evening, I felt really sick/exhausted. Heat, malnutrition.

And I found another dent in my slide yesterday... d'oh, I don't even know how that one happened. It's not much of a problem if I keep it well lubricated, which is good because I have three more concerts this week, so no time for a repair. Grr, frustrating anyway.

Come on, Tension Tamer tea, do your thing.
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