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Fun fact: Potpourri and smudge will begin to compost into soil if you let them sit for a decade or so.

Tiger being cute Tiger being cute

Here's proof of what I said yesterday about my cat being cute. Just ignore the glowing eyes.
Candles Candles

Part of my room is easy to clear out because it is flammable.

I have a ton of scrap wax now, and I think it'd be nifty to make some new candles out of it to take with me to California. Mom reminds me that I have a lot to do still, so maybe that can be a fun activity for when Dan comes.

Things are mostly under control now, but I still need to get my trombone fixed and have no idea where to do that. Hmm, I'm probably already getting way out of shape, and should be getting something ready for an audition. Eek.

If all the things-to-do-and-people-to-see gets done, I'd really like a day out in the woods to work on shelter, camouflage, water purification, bow drill (starting fires), stalking... Just a day. We'll see.

Ah, and driving route, as expected, is I-90 to Chicago then I-80 all the way to Davis. The sad news for all my friends dotted across the country is that driving from Maine to California does not entail driving through all of the other forty-six states in between. But if you're on that route, let me know. So I got that figured out with my parents, and also had a more-complicated-than-necessary conversation about what I should do about buying a bed out there.
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