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is the name of the movie that Dan got when he tried to download An Inconvenient Truth. We watched it and it was like a porn film without any sexual acts, just a lot of innuendo. Weird. They vaporized all the women of Earth so that the men would be free to swim in pools and hug each other.

On Wednesday, Justin (brother), Aunt Karla, cousin Jen, cousin-in-law Suzanne, toddler second cousins Brianna and Derek, and I went to the beach. Brianna was so cute running back and forth into the waves, and I think I had just as much fun running into the frigid water to body surf feet at a time. I probably looked silly with pigtail braids, hairy legs, and a bathing suit that hasn't been in fashion in six years. We took the kids to watch taffy being made at the Goldenrod too.

Must go, but more from me on Sunday.
Tags: family, movies

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