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Leaving tomorrow, holy crap. The worst part will be that second hour when I'll already be sick of being in a car. This will probably be fifty to sixty hours of driving.

I probably could have packed my car by myself, but boy does it go fast when Justin is helping.

He also drilled some holes in the pot for my English ivy. I have nearly killed or completely killed the thing since I've been home. It was looking unhappy from not getting enough light in my room, so I put it out on the deck for a bit, then forgot about it for the weekend. So the pot was full of water yesterday (which can drown the roots) (I hate pots with no drainage) and it may not have liked the cold nights either. I've trimmed off a lot of dead leaves, and some of the growing tips at the ends of the vines look like they could still be alive.

The amaryllis is also very unhappy with the light in my room. I still don't know if it will go in my car. The cayenne papper plant is out on the deck and blooming now. I plan to leave it behind and maybe have my parents dry a couple peppers and send them to me. The pothos is cheery as ever.

Dan left this morning now that his car is fixed. I really regret that things were so busy while he was here. We still haven't slept outside together.
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