Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Cross country trip, day 1

Miles travelled: just over 600
States: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York

We had ribs last night at my request and then went to Aggie's for ice cream. Poor Mom was very sad to see me go this morning. At least we had a chance last night to talk about certain things.

Driving this morning was stressful at first, but the stress eased off as I gained confidence that the cargo carrier wasn't going to fly off. We took the usual trip through Mass on I-90 and it was pretty uneventful. Instead of crossing NY on I-90, which I've done a gadspillion times anyway when going home or going to see Dan, we went along the Southern Tier by taking I-88, 17, and I-86. I really liked the scenery. It was prettier than Northern NY but I can definitely see why dragonhawk has been having trouble finding employment. I'm looking forward to the days ahead, in which the scenery should get drastically different from what I'm used to.

The day was quite cheery overall. Dad and I talked occassionally, although we're both generally content to keep quiet.

Not too much interesting happened. We stopped at a Wal*mart off I-88 to pee and ended up buying stuff, as is inevitable, but it was mostly useful and edible stuff and still fit in the car okay. It was overlooking a valley and would have been a beautiful view if only there weren't a Wal*mart there. We stopped at a truckstop in the little town of Belmont for a dinner of chicken and biscuits.

Tags: travel

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