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Stress cow! Stress cow!

We got smooshy stress cows from Mediation Services. Takes on a whole new meaning... I'm reminded of Rah-Bop's heat rock.

I stayed late in the lab to run my gel. Running it two hours hadn't been nearly enough before, so I ran it four hours-- which was way too much, and my samples ran almost entirely off the gel. I coulda tried to go to community band tonight if I hadn't been staying late. There goes any motivation I had to be productive.

Yesterday I spent two hours meeting with a lab of people who study grass. It's funny now that I'm so excited about two rotations that I hadn't even planned to do before I got here.

Finally had our program orientation today. It was nice, and I felt like a lot of things were clarified.

Emailed the USDA folks today with my update for the past two months. I'd really been meaning to write, and what finally motivated me was knowing that I might be asking for letters of recommendation for fellowships soon, and I think it would be rude to wait to send a life update until I have a favor to ask along with it.

Edit: Keep meaning to post this. At the info session on health insurance and services, someone raised their hand and asked why the health plan cost twice as much for graduate students as it did for undergrads, while having exactly the same benefits. We were told that frankly, we're in a different age bracket from undergraduates, and we need medical treatment a lot more often. Boy do I feel old! It's bad enough that grad students carry the stigma of still being in school while everyone else that age is off making their fortune.

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