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Yesterday when I was waiting to take a second gel photo to be certain that my gel had nothing good on it, I went to the vending area because I was kind of hungry. I wanted a Snickers for 75 cents, but when I got there I only found a five and a quarter on my person. Then I saw that someone had left three quarters next to the vending machine. I went into my change purse and found that I actually had two quarters, so I just took the one I needed. Somehow I wasn't imagining that someone had forgotten their change, but that they'd left it on purpose for hungry people such as myself. I felt grateful and watched over somehow.

Today I decided to walk past the quad and bookstore on my way out of campus, and stopped when a couple guys asked me if I liked rock and alternative music. I answered that I like pretty much all genres. Turns out they're an independent rock band, and they gave me a 20-second (seemed like more, maybe it was) sample to listen to, and it was really really good for a couple guys sitting on the corner. They told me a bit more about themselves, how they're supported on t-shirt and CD sales, and how they were trying to get to Berkeley tonight. I ended up, without much convincing, buying a CD for $9. They were asking $10 and I offered to run to the ATM that was right there to get the extra buck, but they told me not to worry about it. One of the guys had a dragon on his skateboard, but I swear I didn't notice that until after I decided to buy the CD. Maybe I'm a sucker for charming people asking for money, but I just had the most positive gut feeling about these guys. There's really something to be said for living hand-to-mouth to follow one's passion. A few blocks later on my walk home, they passed me in their van and trailer, grinning and waving and shouting "Thanks for the help!" I guess I got them the gas they needed :D I myspace-friended them when I got home.

Had my chemical safety training today... It was given by someone who was actually good at speaking to a group, so that was nice. Also, I definitely trust a safety coordinator who used to work in the explosives industry. Both this safety training and my Cornell safety training mentioned the Dartmouth chemistry prof who died from exposure to a mercury compound, and both called it "Dartmouth University." Arrrrrrrrrrrg...

Tried out a teeny Chinese place nearby for takeout tonight. My fortune says "There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you." I think I'll take the "secret fortune."

I wish I could communicate to Lily that belching is not an effective way to beg. She got to lick out my bowl anyway, but not in my room. Generally I don't give her anything at all though, because she gets real pesky.

Here I go again, alternating series of friends-only posts and public posts.
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