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hair and weekend

Wow, I just took a ruler to my hair, and it's nine inches past the point that I usually get it cut back to. Last trim was late April 2005. It's just about down to the bottom of my butt, which is about where it was freshman winter, which is the longest I ever had it. It's probably a lot healthier on the bottom now than it was then, though. I started letting it get longer than usual this year first because I was enjoying it, but it turned into a curiosity of how long I could grow it before it either bottomed out or drove me nuts, specifically if I could get it a foot past where I usually cut it to, so that I could donate. Since the Tom Brown class I've been washing it a lot less often to let the natural oils keep it manageable. Last night I washed it, and although it felt perfectly smooth and cooperative this morning, it really took awhile to detangle. So I might be tempted to cut it if I weren't seeing if I could keep growing it until this coming April. You'd think I could just cut off a foot now and not mind that extra three inches, but I just really don't like the idea of cutting it higher than my waistline.

Had fun yesterday meditating in a public park with my eyes open. I wish I meditated more often, but even twice a week is enough to make some progress. Got a bunch of work done for class, did some room organization, talked to parents, talked to Dan, got my trombone out and practiced some DCMB music. I started practicing with some long tones, but realized that anything I could accomplish doing that I would be ruining next weekend. Here's hoping I don't split my lip, at least not until the victory parade.

Today will be productive with the fellowship app. And... go!
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