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the day's journeys

The only shopping bag I left the mall with was the one containing my hair... I have high standards for how thoughtful and unique the gifts I give are, so I'm going to try a little harder to look for or make some nice stuff in California, then if I have to fall back on generic mall-gifts I can buy those back in Newington.

There's a store in the mall that sells stuff with the logos for Sacramento sports teams. It's called "Sac Fever." Does that sound wrong to anyone else? Does Sac Fever cause sterility?

A guy with a funny accent accosted me and tried to sell me $20 (discounted from $35!) worth of instant fake snow. I don't want it unless he can make it drift silently to the earth, glowing in the moonlight. Woot, with any luck I'll have real snow for Christmas.

So the haircut. I walked in there and the girl asked "Are you here for donations?" which makes sense considering I had hair down to the bottom of my butt, heh. We got going pretty quickly and I told her 10-11". She tied it off with an elastic and asked me if that spot was okay, and I had her move it down a bit. Then she cut it off and I looked in the mirror and realized it was a bit shorter than I had wanted, but immediately decided that because I couldn't ask her to put it back, I would be happy with it. She did a nice job trimming it up and was really gentle combing it. When I got home I did measure what she'd cut off (I'll be mailing it in myself) and it's more like 13-14". (Am I the only one who carefully thinks about and measures how much hair they want cut off? Hairdressers should have rulers handy.) It's comfortable in a ponytail now, which is great. Looks great, feels great, I can wear it down, I have made a nice gift for someone, and by the end of the school year I'll have that accidental 3" back anyway.

Very long hair New length

These photos aren't quite to scale, but I have about half as much hair now as I did when I got up this morning.

In conclusion, :). I'm so glad I didn't freak out. Hair shouldn't be such a big part of my identity anyway.

After that I had a heck of a time finding Tandy Leather and had to call Dad to get the exact street address. Once I got there the people were really nice, and I got myself the whole back of a cow, some turquoise suede lace (not the best for camouflage if I want to do that, but I just can't resist turquiose), and a needle for about $36. Woot.

More photos here, including my scarf, Thanksgiving, etc.

Scarf specs:
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, Colors #312 (Edwardian) and #391 (Blue Sky)
Needles: Size 13 US (9 mm), bamboo
Garter stitch
16 stitches per row
Big stripes on ends have 24 rows
All other stripes have 18 rows
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