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So Tuesday night I finally did go and join the Woodland Community Band. I hadn't spoken to the woman who told me about it since September, so I just showed up and hoped that it was going on. At first I thought it wasn't, but I sat in the parking lot like a stalker and watched where people went and what they were carrying until I spotted someone I could ask-- turns out the music room is tucked way in the back of the school. I just happened to show up at the first rehearsal for a March concert, yay. The group didn't quite live up to my expectations, at least in terms of sight reading, which is what we spent the rehearsal doing. And yet I found myself thinking, as we read through "They Live in You" from a Lion King Broadway suite, that I was so glad that I didn't just drive away assuming that the band was still on vacation. So I'm going to stick it out. I don't know how enthusiastically I'll be able to advertise the concerts, but I think that this is a group that's on it's way up, seeing as it's only a couple years old. The better the group is, the more talent it will attract, so I'll stick around, and hey, I've got four or five years to watch it improve. (I shouldn't be too much of a snob about this, because I struggled with some of the sight reading too.) At least there was no audition, phew. I wasn't too prepared for if there was one. Also, there's no attendance policy at all despite the fact that we obviously need to rehearse (unlike the band in Seneca Falls, which has a concert every week and can be okay if it sight read the piece two days earlier). We do have to pay $30 to be in the group, so I guess that motivates people to show up. Oh, and the other trombone player there was also new to the group and is also a Ph.D. student at Davis, although he's almost done. It's still so strange and funny that I found so many great musical opportunities in the Finger Lakes, which has a lower population concentration.

Blah, I have way too much to do tonight, but I want to show up to knitting too.
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