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Marshmallow Peeps hit the shelves today! I'm wearing my t-shirt. Anyone else excited?

I used to think that Pirates of the Caribbean only had two themes to it, but on Tuesday we pulled out an arrangment in band and it had five, all of which I recognize. All TONS of fun to play, of course.

I keep putting off starting the exam, but I think I will start it today while my sequencing reactions run. I've got a mental list of things I need to get done before this quarter ends, not that I'm not enjoying this quarter a whole lot. Someone pointed out yesterday, and I agree, that at least with the core course every day we all get to see each other every day. I'm looking forward to seeing Mom and San Francisco over spring break, and to teaching in the spring. And I got really excited last night about the possibility of another dragon gather this summer. And all of this has a rosy tint because I think I've found the lab I want to join. Money? Something will work out.

Slept in today, but today was a good day to do that.

I got a card and a decal yesterday in the mail from the Sacramento Tree Foundation. I really want to put the decal somewhere, but it's sligtly larger than what I would like to slap on my water bottle. And oddly enough I don't like putting stickers on my car. Hmm.
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