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Yesterday around lunch one of my tear ducts became inflamed, which is kind of painful, then in the evening I was kind of headachy. I think that even though I'm mentally calm about everything I have to do to finish this quarter, my body is tweaking out and rebelling. I mentioned this to Aunt Karla because we were emailing back and forth about some books she wanted to send me. She said that I can ask my body not to do this sort of thing, so long as I'm specific in what I ask for and don't leave loopholes. Well, I don't think I'm in any position to make demands and I don't want to play be-careful-what-you-wish-for games. If I were on a quest to save the world I might try some strict body control, but not when I'm just trying to pass my classes. I connected to my body while riding the bus this morning and came to an agreement. I'm going to take good care of it- eating healthy and avoiding greasy shit, working efficiently to minimize sleep deprivation, staying well hydrated now that the weather is warming up, and even trying (for the bajillionth time) not to pick at my skin. In exchange I wll not have any more random maladies pop up in response to a demanding workload. Next week will be tough but we'll get through it and be able to rest afterwards -- yes, even though Mom is coming to visit, we don't have to wake up at 5AM with her.

I finally declared Marie as my major professor, because I needed to do that to get on the TA payroll for next quarter. I'm nervous because I don't know where my funding will come from starting in the fall, but this is still clearly the best option.

Must finish History of Genetics reading... and go back over the paper for lab meeting because that got postponed from Monday to tomorrow... so tired but not procrastinating...

Ah, yes, and I still haven't taken care of my brakes or worn my new sneakers, but now I have an electrolysis appointment next week to get rid of the hairs on my chin that popped up a few years ago. And I still like having hairy legs and not wearing makeup... whatever, this is just for me, and possibly for potential mans out there. Hey, romance might be a rare occurance in my life, but it could happen any day. Whoops, now I can't cut the hairs off so I look less icky for recruitment this week.
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