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It was brought to my attention last week that I can watch Heroes online, so last night after my brain shut down I watched the first two episodes, even though my brain turned back on and I probably could have gotten back to work. So if I were Clair maybe I would have run into the burning train to save the guy, but sticking my hand in the garbage disposal just to see what happened? Eeeeewwwwww. Oh, but it's not good TV nowadays if it doesn't have shock value. If it weren't for all the carnage in this show I'm sure there would have to be excessive sex and scandal. That being said, eeeeeee, I want to see more of the flying brothers! Does anyone else feel like they're flying to when you watch that sort of thing?

Thought more last night about being barefoot. It made at least one person smile yesterday (or it could have been my pigtail braids or the bag of kettle corn I was carrying, but whatever). If I'm making people get their minds out of the daily grind for a few seconds to think about what it would be like to be more in touch with their surrondings, to live more simply, then I think that is a good reason to go barefoot. The moccasins would give me a similar sensation of feeling the ground, but might not be as striking to people... but anyways they would be easy to carry around for when I needed shoes. I also went around online last night and found out that it is not actually against the law to drive barefoot or go into a public establishment barefoot, although you can be refused service. And unless you're going to be walking on broken glass or human feces, it really isn't that dangerous.
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