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can't wait to not be in anticipation of something

I wish didn't mean "spam" to so many providers. Quoth the facebook group, It's Ivy League, Bitch! The guy who wanted the chair hadn't replied to me, and sure enough, he replied to my account and said he hadn't gotten the first one.

Can't wait to have today done, can't wait to have the quarter done. I do still have to make my lesson plan, type up my take-home (and possibly rethink much of it), and finish studying today. Should be possible barring unforseen emergencies. Slept 5 hours last night. I don't like not having my take-home done yet, but I do like having slept on the studying that I did.

Can't live life waiting for the next thing to come, though. What, I'm looking forward to being done with classes so I can do lab work 40 hours a week and experience a miserably hot summer? So I can take another year of classes? So I can freak out about my qualifying exam when I'm done with classes? So I can be at the point where I'm bored because the only thing I'm working on is my thesis research? So I can have a busy career where I never have as much time as I want and am always looking forward to the next thing? So I can retire and be one of those losers who thinks the best thing about retirement is being able to remodel their home? Life is about the journey, and you have to be able to enjoy at least the majority of the steps along the way if you want to be happy.

Friday night I did an Excel spreadsheet to compile my grades and estimate what all my students needed to get to pass. Emailed out about it offering to share those calculations, got 16 replies so far out of my 85 students. Which seemed like a lot. Hopefully it was a good idea and will help people out, or at least give them a goal to work towards.
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