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State of Creative Pursuits!

It is freaking awesome that I don't have much to do this weekend. Yesterday I graded quizzes and read one paper for class, and today I read one more paper for class, which leaves me with all day tomorrow to do thesis project ponderings.

tank top: first dyebathYesterday, on my trek to the supermarket to get Chinese food, I also stopped by the pharmacy, and was delighted to find a white tank top with a shelf bra for cheap. In order to keep it from taking up space as an abandoned project, I scoured it and did the first round of waxing and dyeing today. Doing the outline of the dragon was the step most susceptible to an irreparable mistake, so hopefully now I'll have the motivation to chug along and finish it. The dragon is far from perfect, but it's a lot better than the amorphous blob that it could have been. It's a bit distorted from how I'm holding it in this picture, but I promise I will be taking more as this progresses.

$27 socks that you get to make yourselfMemorial Day sale at Knitter's Playground! I even ran into Elizabeth and Sarah when I was there. Elizabeth had sent out the Yarn Harlot website, which got me really inspired to get back into knitting. And I want to make socks. Every project I do uses a progressively smaller needle... These will be long stripey socks. Yarn is so expensive, haha - NOT a way to save money on clothes. But the fun I have with these will be worth the money. That swatch there is just to check the guage, and will be unravelled. I was worried, but it looks like it will turn out great.

Justin's hatI've also been doing a couple rows here and there this weekend on the hat that I'm making for Justin, which is just like those I made for Dan and Dad. I guess nearly six months of barely working on it makes it halfway done! It seems that Dan still loves his and has gotten a ton of mileage out of it, so hopefully this will serve Justin well getting through the next Boston winter.

mocassins, continuedThe mocassins I have not worked on this weekend... hey, give a girl a break! But this is where they are right now, and as soon as we get knitting night started up again I will bring them as my primary project to work on there. (Knitting is needed as a secondary project because my hands get sore.)

Friday night I watched The Hobbit and The [oldschool] Return of the King on YouTube (thanks for the link, hekmeike!). Regarding ROTK, a) it was amazing that they got so much of the story into ninety-some-odd minutes, and b) I was interested in the alternative interpretations of the book. In particular, there was this whole sequence of what it was like for Sam when he had the Ring. He was fantasizing about conquering Mordor and turning it into gardens. This movie also attributed his ability to battle up the tower to rescue Frodo to the power that the Ring gave him. And this movie showed Denethor as having one of the Palantir, which he did. And seeing what Denethor had seen caused Gandalf to give up hope!

Regarding The Hobbit, I don't care if Smaug was the bad guy, he was fucking awesome. A better character than those who went to war over his riches after he was slain, I'll say.
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