Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Saber-tooth tiger followup

I forgot to mention... when I was out on Friday with the students from the cat genetics lab, we got into a conversation about the genetics core courses, and how as animal geneticists they were really not interested in plants, the same way I was probably not interested in cats. I mentioned that I did at least want to know what color the saber-toothed tiger turned out to be (I mentioned here awhile ago that they had a DNA sample from a fossil). One of them replied "tabby" as if it was totally boring.

So there you go - picture your saber-toothed tigers with stripes and maybe some spots.

They also get to go to Six Flags because they are going to do genetic testing on the tigers there, and for some reason there is a point to them going and watching a trained professional draw the blood.


I'm excited about my fieldwork too assuming I can stay in the shade.

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