Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Russian Christmas Music

Did we play Alfred Reed's Russian Christmas Music at the Russian concert in 2001?? (Who am I asking this of... Dartmouth Wind Symphony folk- boo__boo, kmousie) We read Christmas music tonight at band (which is squee all by itself. We also did the Nutcracker Suite). I recognized the name of the piece and knew it was a "classic" concert band piece that I'd played before, and once we played it I remembered the music. The whole thing was familiar, start to finish, so whatever I played before wasn't a watered-down arrangement. The setting that I'm imagining I played it in is the Southern Maine Music Festival, but I'm quite amazed if a piece of music that I rehearsed for two days approximately a decade ago stuck with me that strongly. It is, however, quite a gorgeous piece.
Tags: band

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