Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

rain! :D

I had a rather long day in the lab and was getting pretty tired and hungry as it got on to 5. I noticed that it was looking pretty cloudy out. I kept seeing small flashes of light out of the corner of my eye, but I thought it was my imagination. I heard low noises that I thought must be lab equipment. Couldn't be thunder and lightening, because that's highly unusual here. But other people, including one who had been outside, confirmed my observations, and the rain, thunder and lightening entered my reality ;)

;) ;) ;)

It's amazing how delightful and energizing dreary, rainy weather can be when it's sunny every frickin' day for months on end. I was so very excited about biking home in the rain, and it was a wonderful ride. It was mostly sprinkling at that point. I thought I might stop by the Coop to grab a frozen dinner, but as I approached the Farmer's Market my inner monologue said, "Warm, fresh tamales. No line." Some of the food vendors were packing up as though there were a hurricane, but the tamal folks were under the main structure and still selling 'em. Cara was excited about the rain too when I got home, and Lilly was excited about my tamal.

Wet chilled skin for a short period followed by warm coziness is really something great.

Alli just called me too, and we chatted for a bit. Very nice.

Khyle has inspired me to start introducing myself to the trees that I pass by, so we'll see if anything interesting comes of that. Yesterday was a powerfully spiritual, but unproductive research-wise day for me.

Off to knit!
Tags: outdoors

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