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Creativity update

The mysterious project I mentioned two weeks ago was a flag for my tent:

The rest of my photos from last weekend are here: The moccasins worked out okay on Saturday when I wore thick socks with them and didn't do a lot of walking. Otherwise my heel slips out of the right one. Next time around I'm taking tiamat's advice and using a sock wrapped in duct tape to make a mold of my foot.

Also last weekend during down time I did the whole toe on the second sock. On Wednesday I finished darning in all the ends, so here they are:
These are Pippi Kneestockings out of the Stitch 'n' Bitch handbook, knit pretty much exactly to the pattern using Brown Sheep Company's Wildfoote in Jungle, Pine Tree, Forest Fog, and Temple Turquoise. The top part also has Rainbow Elastic in some light green color. Wildfoote is "luxury sock yarn" that is 75% wool and 25% nylon, so they're really comfortable. I put them on for the photo and may wear them all day.

I immediately cast on my next project. The dreary weather is getting me into a Christmas mood! I guess I'm getting old if three months makes it seem close. Well then, I hope that this quarter, in which I have more than a full load of classes, will be over quickly. I'll have to figure out somewhere further and more interesting than the Arden Fair Mall to do some shopping. But that is for later.

So, my intent was to make miniature stocking ornaments for a couple little ones in the family. I used the book I have for inspiration, but made my own design using more stitches and smaller needles so that they could be personalized. I got going with the Fair Isle knitting last night and am having a lot of fun with it. (Fair Isle is using more than one color in a given row of stitches, where one color is used to knit a stitch while the rest are jogged on the back side of the fabric. This is yet another technique that is supposed to be difficult, but I have a structural mind so it makes sense to me.) My plan is "2007" with candy canes and the recipient's initial underneath, then a bunch of stripes that I haven't really planned yet. The problem is that it is turning out to be the size of a woman's sock.
Poll #1059575 "Miniature" Christmas Stockings

A poll! Check all that you agree with:

Despite the size, stockings like this could tastefully go on a tree.
These could be used as wall hangings or another kind of Christmas decoration.
I'm having fun, they're going together quickly, and they'll make interesting packaging for small gifts, so it's okay if they end up in a box for eternity.
The size is good because I could put Stretch Island Fruit Leather in them.
It would be better to rip this one out and start over with smaller but less personalized ornaments.

Other ideas?

Lastly, I've been wanting a bracelet and thought I was just going to make a plain square knot one with some plain hemp that I have. Then I found this stuff in the Coop, so I'll make a plain square knot bracelet out of this instead. It was surprisingly cheap too. There were others with more blue, but I still liked this one the best. I'm sure I'll have way more than I'll need, so if any of you want a matching friendship bracelet, you let me know.
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