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So I'm trying to get a set of programs called Phred, Phrap, Consed, and PolyPhred onto the Macbook that the school has lent me for the quarter. They are for my own research rather than a class. They all run in Unix, in which I have just enough experience to think "Unix is fun!" rather than taking one look at the terminal and deciding that I can't possibly be smart enough to use it. Like, I can do cd and ls and that stuff, and I have run these four programs before, about a year ago.

Consed and Polyphred were distributed to me in a user-friendly way. Phrap (and I haven't gotten Phred yet but I expect it will be the same) was sent as uuencoded text in the body of an email. The distributors of the program did suggest using an email address on a Unix server so that it could be opened in the Unix mail program and saved in the appropriate format, but I don't have an address on a Unix server, so I used my school address, which works with a crappy web-based email client. I don't have the option to save messages as files, so I tried copying and pasting the body into a file. I tried uudecode, but no worky. I messed around with it a little so that it recognized the "begin" line, but the tar.Z file it made still had nothing in it.

Thoughts? Is there something I can do to correct the formatting of the text file? If I forward it to someone with Unix mail, say in the IT dept, will they be able to uudecode it or is it probably already corrupted too much?

Yeah, I have people at school to ask too, but I know that some of my f-list might get a kick out of answering this.

In my Genomics class last night, we started learning Perl, also using Unix on Macs. Eee fun. And fun when you know all the people you're sitting with and can giggle a lot. (Quote of the night: Anna: "I was aborted.") Last night we were just doing "hello world" and arithmetic, but supposedly soon we'll be making programs for DNA sequence analysis.

I really want to own a Mac but can't justify it right now.

Much else to write about. Later.
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