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and now, a mundane post

Brilliant! I thought my printer was broken, but actually I had just dropped popcorn in it.

That movie on Friday really bummed me out. I woke up Saturday morning and immediately cried again. Even today I occasionally got sad thinking about the death scene. Such a good movie but so intense. I was on Google Chat with Dan and sent him stuff about the movie, and he agrees that Emile Hirsch looks freakily like him.

I got a couple hours of work done on my midterm on Saturday, then in my desperate need to get out of the house on a rainy day post-depressing movie, I went to Arden Fair Mall with Lisa and a couple of her friends. Got some of J. Crew's long sleeve fitted t-shirts. 10% student discount. Failed to find bras that fit at Macy's, but next weekend I think I am going to have a Vacaville Vaca-venture and check out the L'eggs-Hanes-Bali-Playtex outlet there. Got home and watched Borat with Cara and her brother and his girlfriend (the gf has left already but the brother is visiting for a couple weeks). Yesterday performed with the community band at a Veteran's Day event. Was weirded out that people didn't start clapping along with Stars and Stripes, but otherwise it was a dandy concert. Came home, midterm midterm midterm laundry quiche. Watched Girl, Interrupted while midterming, slept four hours, finished and turned in the midterm, and took advantage of the holiday to go back to bed. Other than that I did some phylogenetics homework today but I was really slow about it. Did not get a seminar critique done (would have been due at same time as midterm). I've told myself that I will bust my butt and get work done this week on my phylogenetics presentation and project so that I will have time for seminar critiques the two following weeks.

Status of the quarter:
NSF application: done, just need to make sure recommendations get submitted
Genomics: half done
Multivariate Systems and Modeling: half done
Plant Breeding & Biodiversity Seminar: 1/3 done with critiques, 2/3 done with general participation, adds up to less than half
Phylogenetics: Difficult to quantify, but way less than half done
Time: 6.5 out of 10-11 weeks

We ate at the Food Court in Arden Fair, and I got Manchu Wok, and it brought back memories. The only other time I've been there I ate in the same area, and had half of my hair stuck in a little plastic bag in my purse at the time.

Yay all the Heroes mysteries revealed tonight. (Although I bet I still won't find out what exactly Sylar does with the brains.) No matter what happens on Monday, somehow I am always in enough of a "fuck it" mood to watch that crazy show.

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