Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

I am amazed that Pete Abrams mind can produce more than ten years of awesome. Current topic: zombies. Also, he did a good job making that chick look like the one from Night of the Living Dead.

I don't have much to post right now because my consciousness is almost entirely taken up with the task list of what I have to get done and attempts to figure out how I can possibly do it all in the time alloted.

  • Seminar reading for tomorrow - will go over it again in the morning and email in my questions.

  • Gotta check early in the day tomorrow and make sure all my NSF recommendations got in.

  • Stats homework for Tuesday - more than half done, may push through and finish it tonight in order to sleep better.

  • Phylogeography presentation for Tuesday - very well underway, should be able to get it done tomorrow alright.

  • Seminar critique #3 - this was something that I had originally planned to get done for tomorrow. Then the rules changed, and we can write about any speaker we want, due Dec. 10 although they want them in ASAP so they have more time to grade. I still wanted to get it done for tomorrow, but as things have worked out, just the three above items have taken up all my sane working time. I don't want to be a miserable sleep-deprived zombie for my presentation, so I'll be a miserable sleep deprived zombie some other time.

  • Phylogenetics project: Due Dec. 10. Have spent several hours on it earlier when I had the time, but it's still barely started.

  • Statistics take-home final: Assigned this Tuesday, and due Dec. 11.

  • Genomics take-home final: Assigned this Thursday, and due Dec. 13.

Tags: webcomics

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