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Ben Stein is coming out with a documentary next month, pro-intelligent design.

Now, I can say from experience that biologists who don't believe in evolution are whispered about behind their backs. But this is because there is a ton of evidence in support of evolution. Any scientist in any field who has ideas that contradict the established theories is going to be treated as a bit of an outsider.

From my own knowledge of molecular biology and genetics, life seems to have arisen from a chaotic process. If it was all actually made by an intelligent designer, he put a lot of effort into making it look like it evolved on its own, probably to the point of compromising parts of the design. However, I agree that it is a challenge to find an evolutionary explanation for every single facet of life. We'll never know for sure what happened, one way or the other, without a time machine.

I am bothered by how the trailer presents a dichotomy of believing that there is a divine spark to who we are, and believing that life evolved without divine guidance. These are not mutually exclusive at all to me. It is possible to believe that what has physically happened is chaotic, but that our existence is not merely physical.
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