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charity gas and WTF Happy Meal

After I got my oil changed today, I went in search of yarn but found that the only remaining store in Davis that I knew of that sold yarn had closed, so I decided to go to Woodland for a Wal-mart run. I got gas at the station in the same plaza, and as soon as I took the nozzle out of my tank, a woman appeared behind me with a plastic tank and asked me if I would be willing to give her a couple gallons. She and her family were trying to get somewhere in an RV. "God bless" was written in sharpie on the gas tank.

Anyway, I said sure and started putting gas in her container. She asked me if I believed in God and I said yes, which brings me to the point of my story. My answer to that question is a lot more complicated than that, but if I'm in a situation where it's easiest to answer "yes" or "no," I'd prefer the assumptions about my worldview that someone would make based on the "yes" answer to those that someone would make based on the "no" answer.

She complimented me on my hair, and because I said I believed in God, she told me that Corinthians states that a woman's hair is her glory. ("believes in God => considers Bible to be holy book" is not the best assumption, but oh well.) The conversation kept me looking at her long enough that the pump clicked off and I found that I'd filled her 5-gallon tank. Oh well, it's not like I could have asked for any of it back as my tank was already full (plus that would have been rude)(don't usually give $15 to random people but I can deal). Here's hoping that her family isn't traveling the country with "God Hates Gays" signs. But even those people want the same thing I want, which is a world in which everyone is happy, loves each other, and finds some sort of spiritual connection. They just have a very different idea about how that is accomplished.

I don't get itAfter the Wal-mart excursion I decided to get some chicken nuggets. The dude said it would be cheaper as a Happy Meal, so I got that. I'm really confused about the instructions that came with the toy. I would think that most kids would naturally put the carrot in the bunny's mouth and discover how well it fit in there. Then the instructions say to turn the carrot. Nothing happens. It does not feel like there is any mechanism inside the head that is supposed to make anything happen. Because of the shape of the mouth, the carrot doesn't come out if you turn it sideways, but I don't see any play benefit to having the carrot locked in the bunny's mouth at a weird angle.
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