Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

Stitches West

Woke up today happy to be alive again, which is nice. Went to Stitches West with Anne, Jen, and Ann's mosquito-counting friend Leslie. At one of the first booths (Boll Weaver Designs) I was tempted to buy something but didn't. Shortly after, we came to Interlacements, and I ended up buying some of their Toasty Toes yarn in some zany colors that will make nice socks.
Yarn from Stitches West Wound into balls

After that I think my urge to obtain something was satisfied, because nothing else was really tempting. I think the most interesting thing otherwise was that there was a lady who had a business spinning pet hair into yarn. She had a bikini made out of Pekingese dog hair, I kid you not. I think I'm feeling the sleep deprivation from Friday now... started to fade in the afternoon, have a headache now.

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