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these updates will get more interesting at some point

Friday I started feeling a lot better and I thought I was over the hump of the cold. Shelby was amazing as my right-hand woman getting the party set up. In particular, her direction of the food preparation was great, as it might not have been best for me to be coughing and sneezing all over everything. Members of the LaSalle lab also came over early to get things set up to show their rap video on our TV, and then helped chop veggies. I did the diseased-person-friendly activities of getting the grills and campfire lit. Jennifer, Jessica, and Karl helped a ton with the grilling. So many awesome people. I was even able to leave and take a nap for 45 minutes. When I came back there was a small contingent playing pong (which Jeff did all the work of setting up, yay) and then everyone else was around the campfire, and I got the sense that a very good time was being had. I was even all talkative and social at that point. I think it was only 11 when everyone left. Lilly totally flipped out because I wasn't letting her go back outside to search for food on the ground. Shelby drunk-dialed me at 1AM on Jennifer's phone, and I would have thought it was a dream except that I found it in my phone memory.

If you followed that rap video link and were horrified, it's okay. Lisa was too. (She is not a biologist.)

Saturday I woke up and did not feel so great, but I was supposed to drive some recruits to brunch, and hey, brunch was free food for me. I came, I ate, I realized that I better go home and lay down. I basically watched TV with a pillow and blanket on the couch the entire rest of the day, except for an hour when Jen came over to help clean up. Then Sunday I slept until 11:30, got up for an hour for some tea, cereal, and echinacea, then went to bed again until 3. So I only got a few hours of work in, but at least it was enough for satisfactory progress on our group presentation.

I think I'm better today, and it's not just a function of having to be up and about. Close though.

I have a tendency to bite my lower lip when I'm sick, because the pain feels clean. My lip is pretty raw today.

There's been cool stuff with the spirituality group too, like last Monday we saw The Power of Forgiveness, then tonight we started discussing Language of God, and on Thursday we're learning some cool Buddhist stuff...
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