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Here's something that I strongly agree with. Do with it what you will.


I just sent a message to my leader urging for the creation of international biofuels standards to ensure that the current expansion of the biofuels industry does not damage the environment or drive up food prices. This is important, and I thought you might be interested:

As developed countries push for biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, increased demand for the crops that make biofuels is causing the destruction of rainforests--cleared to make way for plantations--and a rise in food prices, as farmers grow crops for fuel instead of food. Just last week, the UN World Food Program announced a massive budget deficit as a result of rising food prices, caused by a combination of biofuels growth, bad weather, and high oil prices.

This Friday through Saturday, the G20 group of countries--the twenty biggest economies, responsible for more than 75% of the world's carbon emissions--will meet in Chiba, Japan to begin the climate change discussions leading up to the G8 summit this summer. Before the summit, is creating a global cry for sustainable biofuels. By sending a message to your leader urging for biofuels standards, you can make a difference on this critical issue. Take action now:

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