Lindsay (dragonzuela) wrote,

I am not sure that the boycott on LJ tomorrow is going to have any effect. I'll probably participate anyway, because doing nothing is easy. And for me it's 5PM-5PM, so it pretty much only prevents me from posting this evening. is a nifty website for crocheting and knitting. Some of my knitting squee might spill over to there. Elizabeth invited me at the beginning of the month, and eventually they were able to give me an account. I think I'm going to have to pay $3 to get photos from my LJ Scrapbook onto Ravelry, because the only free option is a Flickr account, which I don't really want since I've already paid the money to have 10GB forever on LJ.

I had a headache yesterday, so it was another unproductive day. I made a to-do list. Today I will work on it!
Tags: links, sinuses

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