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Ravelry made me do it

Partway through footWell, it appears that does not have its own hosting for blog posts. Instead, you link to your blog on another site and connect ravelry projects to blog posts. (Seems bizarre to be part of an online community that has no reason to keep anything private, but anyway...) So, my poor f-list, I might be dumping more knitting babble on you rather than less.

Ravelry is so addictive. I keep finding more things that I can do to pimp my profile. I've hardly even touched groups and forums, although I've already found that clicking through and seeing all projects made with a certain yarn is a good way to window shop for yarn.

Socks! I posted the pattern in a friends-locked post, but here it is again: Knitting with the Toasty Toes yarn is making me want to try dyeing my own yarn, and to that end I've asked for yarn dyeing stuff from KnitPicks for my birthday. I really like what the colorway is doing on the tips of the toes. The helix color pattern around the main part of the sock is also cool, but that's just what naturally happens when you lay out a hank and dye different parts different colors, and I do not like the juxtaposition of colors as much. But I know I have the spatial skills that if I dyed my own yarn, I could make the colors match up more in a way that I wanted.

As for the pattern, knitting the toes was a lot of fun, but I'm not as crazy about the look of the result, the thick seams from the YOs and k2togs, and the little puckers where the toe meets the foot (although maybe I did something wrong, because when I ended the toe both times I had 49 stitches (48 when I pulled out the tail from the beginning of the ball) instead of 50). Anyway, it fits.
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